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Forthcoming September 2011
Edited by Tobias Huber and Robin Mackay
Translated by Taylor Adkins, Ray Brassier, Christopher Eby, Nicola Rubczak and Anthony Paul Smith


This volume provides for the first time a collection of English translations of the writings of François Laruelle, one of the most important, but also least well-known, French philosophers working today.

For the past thirty years Laruelle has been setting out a rigorous theory for philosophy that offers a universal and abstract transcendental organon capable of conceiving the various philosophical accounts indifferent to their doctrines.

Laruelle has invented a totally new conceptual framework that transforms not only philosophical practice but even thought itself: In universalizing the theoretical conditions of philosophical theorising through his unique formal inventions, Laruelle develops a new form of thinking: one that initiates a transcendental and non-decisional theory for philosophical decision in a militant and heretical way.

This volume follows Laruelle's ambitious project of constructing this universal but non- systemic theory of philosophical decision. It is unquestionable that the technical rigour and heretical radicality of 'Non-Philosophy' will have a major impact on contemporary philosophy and future theoretical practices.


Transvaluation of the Transcendental Method
The Crimes of the History of Philosophy
Theory of Philosophical Decision
Towards a Science of Philosophical Decision
Revolution Within the Limits of Science Alone
The Transcendental Method
Margins and Limits of Philosophy
Philosophy and Non-Philosophy
The Non-Philosophical Paradigm
What is Non-Philosophy?
A Summary of Non-Philosophy
Non-Philosophy as Heresy
From First to Second Non-Philosophy
A New Presentation of Non-philosophy
What can Non-Philosophy do?
What Sort of Science is Non-Philosophy?
Finally, The Generic Founding of a Science of Philosophy
A Conversation with François Laruelle

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